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MSc Scientific, Medical and Technical Translation with Translation Technology (Imperial College London, 2006).

English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Dissertation: “History and Language change in Arabic-Latin Medieval Translations in the Iberian Peninsula”. This course gave me the oppportunity to make contact with the academic side of translation and to get feedback on my work.

BA (Hons) Linguistics First Class (School of Oriental and African Studies, London, 1988), with Chomskian syntax, Montague semantics and Relevance theory of pragmatics as my main subjects.

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About me

Born in Madrid, I have lived in Britain all my adult life, with a few years spent in Spain at different times. This combination has given me a deep and wide knowledge of both languages and cultures.

My academic background is Linguistics, with a strong emphasis on logic and theory building. I enjoy translating research papers on any subject and am very conscious of how we render complex arguments in another language.

My working life began as a “word processor operator” in London, producing documentation on one of the first word processors in existence. Since that time I have continuously adapted to changes in software and hardware. This means that your complex tables, charts and document formats are safe in my hands.

I am very interested in Spanish history and historiography, as well as archaeology, sociology, politics and language theory.