reelance Spanish-English translator with a reliable, meticulous, resourceful and flexible approach to translation.

pecialised in translation and revision of academic texts in the humanities field.

ong and wide-ranging experience in text processing and digital publishing.


History/Art History


  • The Conversos and Moriscos in Late Medieval Spain and Beyond, ed. Kevin Ingram (Brill, 2009, 2012 and 2015). Revised by Nicola Stapleton:

Volume 1: Departures and Change

“ Inquisition and Crypto-Judaism: The “complicity” of the Mora family of Quintanar de la Orden (1588-1592)” by Vincent Parello, Université de Montpellier III


Volume 2: The Morisco Issue

“On Morisco networks and collectives” by Luis F. Bernabé Pons, Universidad de Alicante

“The Morisco problem and Seville” by Manuel F. Fernández Chaves and Rafael M. Pérez García, Universidad de Sevilla


“The ship Aquarius and five examples of militarized plunder in Africa” by Nazanin Armanian


Print/Online magazines

Editing and sub-editing original Spanish texts or translations from English for magazines and other publications, e.g.

  • Mazda Zoom-Zoom printed automotive magazine, since 2007.
  • Magazine brochures on Volvo models, e.g. Noventa.
  • Online magazine Imagination for Visit Britain.
  • Online Spanish Citywire magazine


María Fernandez has worked with me in the past year on a complex project involving the translation of an academic publication. This required both considerable expertise in her native Spanish, including close attention to medieval references, and the highest quality of written English. She accomplished this task with the utmost competence and was able to render the complicated language into idiomatic English. She also conducted assiduous research into the subject in question to ensure her work was of the very highest standard and I would not hesitate to work with her again on a future project. Nicola Stapleton MA (Cantab.)


I was tutor for Maria Fernandez at Imperial College London from 2004 to 2006, on the MSc in Scientific Technical and Medical Translation with Translation Technology. Specifically, I taught her the Spanish-English translation module.

I am happy to say that Maria was an excellent student: her English was extremely good, certainly of native standard; she was hard-working, conscientious and creative; altogether a pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending her. Nicky Harman, BA Hons, Co-Chair, The Translators Association UK

Further information


MSc Scientific, Medical and Technical Translation with Translation Technology (Imperial College London, 2006).

English to Spanish and Spanish to English. Dissertation: “History and Language change in Arabic-Latin Medieval Translations in the Iberian Peninsula”. This course gave me the opportunity to make contact with the academic side of translation and to get feedback on my work.

BA (Hons) Linguistics First Class (School of Oriental and African Studies, London, 1988), with Chomskian syntax, Montague semantics and Relevance theory of pragmatics as my main subjects.

Professional Associations

About me

Born in Madrid, I have lived in Britain all my adult life, with a few years spent in Spain at different times. This combination has given me a deep and wide knowledge of both languages and cultures.

My academic background is Linguistics, with a strong emphasis on logic and theory building. I enjoy translating research papers on any subject and am very conscious of how we render complex arguments in another language.

My working life began as a “word processor operator” in London, producing documentation on one of the first word processors in existence. Since that time I have continuously adapted to changes in software and hardware. This means that your complex tables, charts and document formatting are safe in my hands.

I am very interested in history and historiography, as well as archaeology, sociology, politics and language theory.



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